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Door Opener Optional Parts
To make the home access control even much safer, more convenient, more modern, these optional parts will bring you unexpected experience.
Remote Control
This simple little device while only part of your garage door opener is essential since it is what allows you to stay in your vehicle and out of the cold, rain and other nasty weather until you get into your garage where it is warm and dry. Garage door remotes come in many different sizes and s...
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This is a dual channel transmitter that can be activated only after having entered a suitable password. The units are designed for installation to indoor or outdoor locations. The estimated transmission range is 200 m in open space and 35 m indoors.
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Wireless Wall Switch
The same working way like the remote control. It needs to be installed inside the door. Simple coding, simple operation, just need a light tough to the button, then everything is under control.
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Single wired Wall Switch
Simple O/S/C control can be carried out by this small wall switch. It needs to be installed inside the door.
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External Receiver
An amazing small device enables you to match 30-300 different remote controls to your door opener just by a simple coding procedure, even if the remote controls are from different suppliers.
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Infrared Sensor
Walking/driving through a moving door is so dangerous! Using Infrared Sensor can keep you always safe even though the door is closing when you are under the door. The door will automatically reverse immediately when the Infrared Sensor detect something within the door way.
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Caution Light
Stay near a moving door may cause personal injury. Using a Caution Light will completely avoid this potential dangerous! The Caution Light will flash/flash and beeping as a warning when the door is opening or closing.
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Battery Back-up
Power off occasionally or frequently is an annoying thing. Using a battery back-up will keep you calm when power off. You can still open/close your door automatically by the door opener.
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Emergency Lock
When you back to home driving a car and find the power is off, while the garage door is locked, it can ‘t be opened by remote control, by wall switch or by hand, it is really a bad thing! We suggest fixing an emergency lock on your door. Then you could twist the key and just pull out the lock c...
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