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Garage Door Openers

Will not only enhance the use of your garage doors, but will also add the safety features of the door operation and the security aspects of your home.

MG Chain SeriesMG Alu Series
MG Belt SeriesMG S Series
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Roller Door Motors

MR Series roller door motors will be a compelling choice if you are searching for an easy control and smooth operate motor for your roller doors.

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Welcome to MOC

When choosing a door opener for your home, there is a lot to consider. It may be safety, reliability, or perhaps the look of the remote. Come to MOC, there will be definitely one model that suit for you. You can have everything in the package.
Make opening your door a pleasure!

Our Vision

What we are designing is that you need!
What we are producing is that you need!
What we are improving is that you need!
What you need is that we are always thinking about!

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